Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Choose the Right Color of Quartz Countertop for your Kitchen

Whether you are remodeling your entire home or just your kitchen, we know that you are most probably overwhelmed with the little details that you have never thought would be a big deal and keep popping up out of nowhere. You can get lost in a million items that you need to know and the tiniest decisions that need to be made all at once. To save you some of this trouble and much more time, Phoenix Quartz is giving you the ultimate guide on the most popular colors of quartz countertops and what design each color would go with best.

1. White marbled quartz countertops
      This is one of the most elegant looking colors in quartz countertop. It is very chic and can go with almost any kitchen design you can think of. In addition to being extremely relaxing to the eyes, a white countertop can perfectly suit a modern designed kitchen as well as it suits an old fashioned farmhouse kitchen. Wherever you install this beauty of a quartz countertop, it will beam with charming luxurious look that everyone will absolutely fall in love with.

2.     Taupe quartz countertop
If you find the name a little confusing, especially if you are a man :), do not wonder much, it is a darker shade of grey. Sophisticated as well as being a traditional color of quartz countertops, taupe is a go-to color option since is goes really well with kitchen designs that are mostly black or white at the same time.

3.     Black quartz countertop
If you are a lover of the color black then you do not need any convincing getting this particular “midnight shade” quartz countertop for your kitchen. As Coco Chanel once said: “you can never go wrong with a little black.. countertop!” Just kidding of course, but still, a black countertop is an absolute beauty and it will go fine with a white, grey, or silver toned kitchen. The only notice here is that if your kitchen gets a lot of dust from the windows for example, it may not be the wisest decision to get a black countertop as it collects and show the dust very quickly that it might drive you crazy trying to keep it clean. You have been warned!

4.     A swirl quartz countertop
      This option is quite artistic and attractive. However, it needs a particular taste and design to go with everything else in the kitchen. A somewhat monotonic kitchen for example can really showcase the beauty of a swirl quartz countertop without having it overcrowding the eyes of whoever may be in the room.

5.  Cream quartz countertops
      This is almost the most traditional countertop color there is. So many of us must have grown in home that had these countertops installed in their kitchens, and while the majority of people may like a more modern look for their kitchens, some still prefer to have the traditional look they are used to from childhood. For those people, the traditional cream quartz countertop is the best option.
      No matter what your needs are for the quartz or granite countertop you want in your kitchen, be sure that KB Factory Outlet will have it ready for you in the best quality and wide color selection that is guaranteed to include your color of choice.
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